So you’ve always wanted to do standup? Tips from Jeremy Segal (Part 1 of 5)

Jeremy Segal offers five tips for your first open mic.
Jeremy Segal offers five tips for your first open mic.

We’re lliving in a comedy tsunami! YouTube and Netflix give us push-button laughs 24-7-365. Why not give it a try yourself! Tucson has a half-dozen newbie-friendly open mics a week. Follow CATcomedy520 on Facebook for dates and times. Newcomer Jeremy Segal’s tips can help build your confidence. This is the first in a series.

We all had to start out somewhere. For me that was Laffs Comedy Cafe’s Open Mic. I finally decided after months of delaying that I was going to do it. And when the time finally came that I was onstage all alone, it was great. Of course, I made a few mistakes, as do most newcomers. So I created a list of things you can do for your first mic so you do better than me.]

5. Eat the mic.

A lot of newcomer comedians make the mistake of holding the microphone way too far away from their mouth. Often they’ll hold it several inches if not feet away from their faces which raises the point- why bother using it at all?

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