Thinking about trying standup? Jeremy Segal breaks it down for you. (Part 3 of 5)

Jeremy Segal offers five tips for your first open mic.
Jeremy Segal offers five tips for your first open mic.

We’re living in a comedy tsunami! YouTube and Netflix give us push-button laughs 24-7-365. Thinking about trying standup? Tucson has a half-dozen newbie-friendly open mics a week. Follow CATcomedy520 on Facebook for dates and times.Newcomer Jeremy Segal’s tips can help build your confidence.

3 . Be prepared to bomb.

Imagine you wanted to be a gymnastics performer, and on the first day of practice you’re thrown in with a bunch of more experienced gymnasts. One by one you watch as they all do flips beautifully. And then you go up, and you fall on your face.

That’s stand up in a nutshell. It’s incredibly difficult, and can be incredibly painful. But the good news is that you’ll get better. Bombing (doing terribly in front of an audience) is part of the process of improving, so don’t be scared of it. Just accept that you’re new at this and you’ll probably suck. And that’s okay. It’s your first time. Just focus on doing it, as that’s all that matters. Oh and don’t sign up for gymnastic classes if you’re an adult. All the kids look at you weird, and the leotard is really uncomfortable.

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