Thinking about trying standup? Jeremy Segal breaks it down for you. (Part 2 of 5)

Jeremy Segal offers five tips for your first open mic.
Jeremy Segal offers five tips for your first open mic.

We’re living in a comedy tsunami! YouTube and Netflix give us push-button laughs 24-7-365. Thinking about trying standup? Tucson has a half-dozen newbie-friendly open mics a week. Follow CATcomedy520 on Facebook for dates and times. Newcomer Jeremy Segal’s tips can help build your confidence. This is the second in a series.

4. Introduce your set as being your first.

Do you like fourth wall breaks? Deadpool? Maybe old school Groucho Marx? The reason they work is the audience feels in on the joke. For you, you’ll be allowing the audience to go on a journey with you of your first set. And they’ll be nicer and more understand and supportive as well as they’ll relate to you doing something new and scary instead of just be thinking ‘What is this person doing?’ the entire time. So tell them it’s your first time doing stand up. I did it, and look at me now. I live with my mom and write stand up articles for pennies on the page. Just kidding, I don’t get paid.

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