Open Mics and the People Who Love them

Lord and Joey G at the comedy open mic at Corbett Brewing.
Stephen Kruise, Butch Lord and Joey G at the comedy open mic at Corbett Brewing.

Open mics are always a mixed bag. They’re hard to beat, though, when you’re out with friends. Admission costs nothing, and while some have a two-drink minimum, they’re well worth the price.

We like comparing them to trivia games. With open mic comedy, you don’t have to have the right answer, but everyone has an opinion!

Tucson has open mics every weeknight, sometimes two or three on the same night, and sometimes on Sundays. And they’re all over town.

Newer comics try out material and more experienced comics massage new and older material to highlight the funny.

Better known comics often drop in when they’re in town just to meet the folks and polish their chops. Doug Stanhope and Kristine Levine have turned up at mics at The Mint Bar and the Surly Wench Bar. Butch Lord recently stopped in the venerable Laffs Comedy Cafe and a new mic at Corbett Brewing.

Watch for details about Tucson open mics in the Laughing Stock column of the April 18 Tucson Weekly.

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