Unscrewed Theatre hosts blood drive Saturday, April 20

TIM members at the MS Walk: Tim Butinger, Kim Candray, Kurt Leuders, Cristin Phibbs

Unscrewed Theatre hosts a blood drive Saturday, April 20. See the Red Cross Blood Drive page on their website for details. The event will take place at the Unscrewed Center, home of the Unscrewed Theatre and the organization’s new training Center.

When we think of comedy working for charity in Tucson, Nancy Stanley’s Estrogen Hour for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society comes to mind. Cartoonist and raconteur David Fitzsimmons raises money for breast cancer research with his Titters shows. And Suzy Sexton benefits a range of charities with her annual Comedy for Charity show.

But members of Tucson’s improv community do good in dozens of other small ways, too. For instance this blood drive, but also members of Tucson Improv Movement pictured here recently supported a colleague with multiple sclerosis by walking in the Walk MS Tucson 2019.

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