CAT FAQ for Comedians

The nonprofit Comedy Alliance of Tucson (CAT) aims to collaboratively grow a healthy environment for expansion in Tucson's comedy economy.

First, let’s be clear: Your art is your art. We know you put a lot of time and energy into writing, rehearsing, and going to open mics to be your funniest you. CAT can be a beacon to help people to discover a show you are in. We work on that in three ways:

  1. We promote and CATcomedy520 in social media to cultivate new audience members for Tucson comedy. We invest far more than any one show could afford in advertising, signage, collateral materials and networking, all pitched to segments most likely to be interested in comedy, but not knowledgeable about Tucson’s diverse comedy scene. To make comedy a convenient alternative when they’re looking for entertainment, we promote all Tucson comedy through CATcomedy520 outlets. Increasing the size of the audience for local comedy takes the pressure off showrunners to create shows that appeal to everyone, or “most people.” It will be easier for you, and our town’s promoters, to find your share of fans in a much larger pool. Make sure to tag CATcomedy520 and send us your Facebook events so we can always promote them on our calendars.
  2. Our monthly CAT Talks (free tacos!), focus on how you can promote yourself to show producers, identify and work with venues to start your own mics and shows, network and reach out into your own communities to grow your own audiences and understand the realities of a business relationship with venues. CAT Talk topics are usually suggested by the community; feel free to share ideas.
  3. Our CAT Resource Exchange encourages comedians to share PAs, mics, lights and other production equipment they need for a one-time show and to get a series started.

CAT is always looking for new audiences for Tucson comedy. To that end, we constantly network with businesses and organizations that have commercial relationships with large numbers of people. CAT is happy to help them organize a comedy show or series that meets their specific business objectives. If the organization does not have a producer in mind, Chad Lehrman of produces those shows. Chad is a founding advisor to CAT and has years of experience producing comedy shows professionally. He regularly attends Tucson shows and open mics to stay current with our local talent. To be sure Chad knows about you, for CAT related events and for his own booking business, please complete this form.

Several local producers pay comics a small amount based on what they earn from a show. Your first step is to tell them you want to be on their show! The producer’s earnings come from admission fees and a percentage over expected bar sales. Your pay directly depends on how many of your friends and fans come out. We can help! Tag CATcomedy520 in your own posts promoting the show you’re in. Once we have the event on the calendar, the most productive promotion is the repetition and reinforcement of the whole lineup posting about it individually!

CAT is committed to patronizing Tucson’s small-businesses community. We retain experienced professionals in graphic design and website management. We also have valued vendors for goods and services including printing and sign- making. We pay for local advertising either in kind or at negotiated, preferred rates. We make sure comedians are paid for shows we help arrange, and we pay for freelance work related to the website and social media.

CAT is privately funded by people committed to helping Tucson small businesses thrive. For 2019 we offer up to four founding sponsorships at $2500 each. More information is on the Sponsorship page under Contact Us in the top navigator.

Do you have questions not answered here? Contact us and we’ll send you answers. If the question is of general interest, we’ll publish it here.


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