Doug Benson Loves Tucson

Doug Besnon Laffs


By: Aaron Petersen

It’s Thursday, July 11, 2019. You’re sitting in your house, alone in the darkness, trying to figure out where life went wrong. You can remember when you were happy, when life had meaning, when you could still enjoy the taste of food. Now everything is masked with the taste of regret. The clock ticks away the hours as you weave through the maze of your mind. You look at yourself in the mirror, into your own soulless eyes, you realize the mistake you made that led you here…….

You missed Doug Benson at Laffs.

Popular Pot Comedian Doug Benson is coming to Tucson to perform at Tucson’s Original Comedy Spot, Laffs Comedy Cafe. He’s been passing laughter to the left hand side with his standup comedy, his podcast “Doug Benson Loves Movies”, his YouTube show “Getting Dough With High”, and much more!!! You will laugh so hard you will get a contact high. Get crossfaded with drink specials, and cure those munchies with a variety  treats from  The Laffs menue .

So don’t live your life with regret. Buy your tickets and mark your calendars for Wednesday July 10, 2019.
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