What just happened! We’re still dizzy from all the fun.

What a great night! Tucson’s awesome comedy community showed off its breadth and variety with Battle in the Roast Room. It was the biggest production of CATcomedy520 LOL Crawl, a week packed with more than 20 comedy events from Jan. 27 through Feb. 2.

Rich Aguirre, center, led a team that ultimately involved almost three dozen comedians, judges and production specialist to put on a professional-quality show that filled both the stage and the seats at The Screening room.

The bracketed challenge turned up Monte Benjamin as the winner, squeaking past former Roast winner Roxy Merrari by a thin margin.

Battle at the Roast Room grew out of Aguirre’s weekly Friday show at Epic Cafe, Too Many Mics at the Cafe. It’s an open-mic format with three panelists who interact with each comedian after their set. Every TMMC also includes one featured comedian.

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